Last Updated: 11/3/2019
T-MARC -- 220 MHz Repeater Listings
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223.8000 222.2000 DC ALL SNP SNP ALL SNP  
223.8000 222.2000 DE ALL SNP SNP ALL SNP  
223.8000 222.2000 MD ALL SNP SNP ALL SNP  
223.8000 222.2000 VA ALL SNP SNP T-MARC AREA SNP
223.8000 222.2000 WV ALL SNP SNP T-MARC AREA SNP
223.8400 222.2400 MD Perry Hall W3JEH W3JEH BALTIMORE o  
223.8800 222.2800 MD Davidsonville W3VPR AARC ANNAPOLIS o t107.2 a e z(911)  
223.9000 222.3000 MD Barstow W3SMD W1JD SOUTHERN MD o t186.2 e  
223.9600 222.3600 MD Bel Air N3EKQ N3EKQ NORTHEAST MD o (ca)  
224.0000 222.4000 DE Newark KB3MEC KB3MEC WILMINGTON o t100.0 e  
224.0000 222.4000 MD Galena KB3MEC KB3MEC NORTH EASTERN SHORE o t131.8 e  
224.0600 222.4600 VA Arlington WA4HIS WA4HIS WASHINGTON AREA o  
224.1000 146.1900 VA Fairfax NV4FM NVFMA WASHINGTON AREA o (ca) e l r LiTz z  
224.1000 222.5000 VA Fairfax NV4FM NVFMA WASHINGTON AREA o t77.0 l r s E
224.1200 222.5200 MD Manchester N3KZS N3KZS NORTH CENTRAL o a  
224.1600 222.5600 VA Blue Mtn KR4DO KR4DO FRONT ROYAL o (ca) e  
224.1800 222.5800 VA Gordonsville K3VB K9SP CULPEPER o t146.2  
224.2000 222.6000 MD Frederick K3MAD MADXRA FREDERICK o t123.0 e  
224.2600 222.6600 VA Spotsylvania WW4EMC KD4QNA SPOTSYLVANIA o a Wx  
224.2800 222.6800 VA Linden N8RAT N8RAT FRONT ROYAL o t100.0 e l  
224.3200 222.7200 MD Ellicott City N3EZD N3EZD BALTIMORE o  
224.3400 222.7400 VA Bluemont K8GP DVMS WASHINGTON AREA o t77.0 e l A27310
224.4000 222.8000 VA Haymarket W4BRM BRM ARA WASHINGTON AREA o t77.0 e l A28204
224.4400 222.8400 DE Greenwood W3WMD CSARC SOUTHERN DE. o  
224.4600 222.8600 VA Gainesville W4LAM W4LAM WASHINGTON AREA o  
224.4800 222.8800 MD Baltimore N3HIA N3HIA BALTIMORE o t100.0  
224.5000 222.9000 VA Harrisonburg N4DSL N4DSL HARRISONBURG o t131.8 e l I8478
224.5200 222.9200 DE Wilmington W3DRA DRA WILMINGTON o t131.8 l  
224.5400 222.9400 MD Ashton K3WX K3WX WASHINGTON AREA o t156.7 a e  
224.5600 222.9600 MD Millersville W3VPR AARC BALTIMORE o t107.2  
224.6000 223.0000 MD Glen Burnie N3MIR N3MIR BALTIMORE o  
224.6200 223.0200 VA Arlington WB4MWF WB4MWF WASHINGTON AREA o  
224.6600 223.0600 VA Manassas W4OVH OVHARC WASHINGTON AREA o t100.0 e  
224.6800 223.0800 MD S. Baltimore KS3L SummitAR BALTIMORE o  
224.7000 223.1000 WV Berkeley Springs W3VLG 222 West BERKELEY SPRINGS o e l  
224.7200 223.1200 DE Newark N3JCR N3JCR N3JFS WILMINGTON o a  
224.7400 223.1400 VA Fredericksburg N8RAT N8RAT FREDERICKSBURG o t131.8 l  
224.7600 146.1600 MD Jessup WA3DZD MFMA BALTIMORE o t107.2 l  
224.7600 223.1600 MD Jessup WA3DZD MFMA BALTIMORE o t107.2 l  
224.7600 449.0000 MD Jessup WA3DZD MFMA BALTIMORE o t107.2 l  
224.7800 223.1800 VA Woodbridge W4IY WWI WASHINGTON AREA o (ca) e  
224.8000 223.2000 MD Randallstown WB3DZO BRATS BALTIMORE o  
224.8200 223.2200 VA Alexandria W4HFH Alex RC WASHINGTON AREA o t107.2  
224.8400 223.2400 DE Millsboro WS3ARA Sussex ARA SOUTHERN DE. o a e z(911)  
224.8600 223.2600 MD Columbia W3CAM W3CAM BALTIMORE o  
224.8800 223.2800 VA Fairfax Station W4YHD W4YHD WASHINGTON AREA o t107.2 e s E
224.9000 223.3000 VA Winchester KG4Y KG4Y WINCHESTER o t146.2  
224.9200 223.3200 MD Shawsville N3UR N3UR NORTHEAST MD o  
224.9400 223.3400 MD Rockville K3ATV MACS WASHINGTON AREA o t156.7 (ca) e r  
224.9600 223.3600 MD Baltimore WB3DZO BRATS BALTIMORE o (ca) e l Wx