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The TMARC Board of Directors have made a couple changes in duties. Larry D’Anna WA3KOK is now the Treasurer. Phil Hebert N3CDY is now the Secretary.


For several decades, the ARRL has only accepted repeater listings from coordinators for publication in the ARRL Repeater Directory. This coming year, the ARRL has decided to only accept information from RFinder, Inc. Anyone can submit information to RFinder for any repeater. The ARRL is encouraging coordinators to submit their information to RFinder. At the present time, the TMARC Board of Directors has decided not to submit information to RFinder. There are a number of questions that remain unanswered and no agreement or MOU has been proposed by RFinder.  Therefore, the TMARC Board of Directors feel it best to not participate in the RFinder program at this time.  Consideration will be given toward future participation should RFinder propose an agreement similar to the one that existed with the ARRL regarding the use of, and publication of, the TMARC frequency lists.


Dave Prestel, W8AJR

T-MARC President


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