This page was last updated September 29, 2010.

History of recent coordination updates and other T-MARC activities

September 4, 2010


Activity since May 31, 2010


New Activity:

Rcvd AFC from KB3TCB for UHF pair in Frederick, Md., Sent NPC.

Sent Const. Coord. for 444.9500.

Rcvd AFC from AB3FE for UHF pair in Cumberland, Md., Sent NPC. Received

modified AFC for new location. Previous NPC voided. Sent new NPC;

Sent Const. Coord. for 442.7500

Sent Const. Coord. to KE2N for 448.225 in Haymarket, Va. Rcvd Certificate of

Operation Status. Sent final coordination.

Sent Const. Coord. to KD8DWU for move of 927.5875 to Boonsboro, Md.

Rcvd. AFC from KA4DCS for UHF link. Sent Const. Coord.

Rcvd AFC from WX3M for 2 meter pair. Placed on waiting list. Removed from

waiting list after application was withdrawn. WX3M re-submitted

application and again placed on waiting list.

Sent NPC for Potomac Highlands ARC for VHF pair in Moorefield, W.Va.; Sent

request to NRAO; Sent Const. Coord. for 146.985

Sent final coordination to Prince William County ARES for 442.6000

Sent final coordination to Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Network for 442.4000

Sent final coordination to N3CDY for 442.6500

Sent final coordination to N3JLT for 146.8650

Rcvd AFC from KA4DCS for move of 449.575. Sent NPC; Sent Const. Coord.

Rcvd AFC from W3JKS for UHF D-Star pair in Wilmington, Del.; Sent NPC;

Sent Const. Coord. for 448.275


Coordinations Withdrawn:

53.4100 N8YIB Cumberland, Md.

146.9850 N8YIB Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

145.2400 WW4EMC Spotsylvania, Va.

443.4600 WW4EMC Spotsylvania, Va.

1282.400 WW4EMC Spotsylvania, Va.


Status Requests sent to:

Educ. Media Corp 145.2400 / 443.4600 / 1282.4





May 31, 2010

Activity since March 20, 2010

New Activity:

 - Sent Const. Coordination to KB3MEC for 224.000 in Newark, Delaware
 - Sent Final Coordination to KB3MEC for 224.000 in Galena, Md.
 - Rcvd AFC from Christiana Hospital CARES for link frequencies; Sent NPC, Sent Const Coord.
 - Sent NPC for KE2N for UHF pair at Haymarket, Va., Sent Const Coord for 448.2250
 - Rcvd AFC from N2LEE for 2 meter D-Star pair. Put on waiting list.
 - Rcvd AFC from KP4IP for low profile UHF Pair in Severn, Md; NPC Sent, Sent Const Coord for 442.4000
 - Sent NPC for VHF pair for KB6VAA in Mt. Jackson, Va., Sent Const Coord for 146.7150
 - Rcvd AFC from KD8DWU for move of 927.5875 to Boonsboro, Md.; Sent NPC

Coordinations Withdrawn:
 - 443.7500 KA3GRW LaPlata, Md.
 - 447.2250 KK3L Cascade, Md.
 - 447.3750 K3BAL Baltimore, Md.
 - 444.9500 NS3V Harmans, Md.

Status Requests sent to:
 - KK3L 447.2250 Cascade, Md.
 - N3MCQ 447.5250 Baltimore, Md.
 - K3BAL 447.3750 Baltimore, Md.
 - N3JDR 447.1250 Myersville, Md.
 - KA3GRW 443.7500 Waldorf, Md.
 - MADXRA 53.9900 Frederick, Md.
 - KI4HAB 146.8650 Gore, Va.
 - W3VLG 53.3500 Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

Revised bandplans - removed reference to 53.300 as being used for RACES as it was removed from Part 97.407(b)3


March 20, 2010

Activity since November 21, 2009

New Activity:

 - Received AFC from N3LHD for UHF pair. Sent NPC. Sent Const. Coord. for 444.6500
 - Assigned new 900 Mhz SNP pair of 927.7000 / 902.7000
 - Sent final coordination to WX3M for 442.0500 in Midland, Md.
 - Received AFC from N3KZ for move of 444.7500 to new site. Freq. change to to 444.1500. Sent Const. Coord.
 - Received AFC from N3KZ for new UHF pair in Seaford, Del. Sent NPC Sent Const. Coord. for 442.0000
 - N3CDY Whiteford, Md. Freq change from 444.8500 to 442.6500. Sent NPC
 - Received request to increase ERP for W3CER 444.9500 in Newark, Del. Sent revised coordination.
 - Received Op.Status from K3FBI for 443.5500.
 - Received AFC from KE2N for UHF pair.

Coordinations Withdrawn or Relinquished:
 - 442.0500 WX3M Cumberland, Md.
 - 443.0500 WX3M Cumberland, Md.
 - 223.9200 K3CUJ Columbia, Md.
 - 420 Link KB3BJF Odenton, Md.
 - 53.3300 WRSG Waldorf, Md.
 - 1241.2500 W3DID Baltimore, Md.

Status Requests sent to:
 - W4XP 53.3700 / 224.3400
 - Waldorf Repeater Support Group 145.3500
 - Waldorf Repeater Support Group 53.3300
 - Waldorf Repeater Support Group 447.1750
 - KB3BJF 420 Link
 - NS3V 444.9500
 - WA3TOL 448.6750


November 22, 2009

Activity since August 6, 2009

New Activity:

 - Rcvd AFC from WX3M for 440 pair. Sent NPC. Sent Const. Coord.
 - Rcvd Operational Status from Kent ARS for move of 449.175 to Chestertown. Sent final coordination.
 - Rcvd AFC from KB3KOU for UHF pair in Hyattsville, Md. Sent Construction Coord.
 - Sent Final Coordination to Central Md. Repeater Group for move of 448.925 to Suitland, Md.
 - Rcvd AFC from ARPSC for Remote Receiver Link in Haymarket, Va., Sent Const. Coord.; Sent Final Coordination
 - Sent final coordination to Alex RC for 927.6000.
 - Rcvd AFC from N3CDY for link; Sent Const. Coord.
 - Rcvd AFC from N3KTX for links; Sent Const. Coords.
 - Rcvd AFC from W4CLJ for UHF pair. Sent NPC; Sent Const. Coord. for 443.800
 - Rcvd AFC from KD8DWU for move of 927.5875 to Linden, Va. Sent NPC; Sent Const. Coord., Sent final coord.
 - Sent final coordination to OVHARC for 442.5125
 - Sent final coordination to N3ST for 444.1000 in Frederick, Md.
 - Sent final coordination to SMARC for link
 - Sent final coordination to Christiana CARES for 444.9500
 - Rcvd AFC from PWC ARES for UHF pair; Sent NPC; Sent Const. Coord. 442.600
 - Rcvd AFC from KT4ER for UHF pair; Sent NPC; Sent Const. Coord. for 448.975
 - Sent final coordination to KT4ER for 448.325 at Bluemont, Va.
 - Rcvd AFC from KB3MEC for 220 pair; Sent NPC; Sent Const. Coord. for 224.000. Rmvd from 2 meter waiting list.
 - Rcvd AFC from MADXRA for move of 147.345 to Clearspring, Md.; Sent revised Coordination
 - Rcvd AFC from N3ST for move of 449.675 to Glenwood, Md.; Sent NPC; Sent Const. Coord.; Sent Final Coordination
 - Rcvd request from WA4TXE for 2 mtr pair in Charles Town, W.Va. Placed on waiting list.
 - Sent revised coordination to N3MIR for 442.6000 in Glen Burnie, Md.
 - Sent Final Coord to Vienna Wireless Society for a remote rcvr link.
 - Sent Final Coord to KB8UUE for 442.5500 in Hedgesville, W.Va.
 - Sent Final Coord to PHARC for 444.400 at Moorefield, W.Va.
 - Sent Final Coord to KA4DCS for links

Coordinations Withdrawn or Relinquished:
 - 51.8200 N3KTX Catonsville, Md.
 - 447.525 KG8GN Cumberland, Md.
 - 448.975 K8DSJ Ranson, W.Va.
 - 53.8700 N3BFF Rockville, Md.
 - 147.225 K3WAJ Wilmington, Del.

Status Requests sent to:
 - WA4TSC 449.9250 Bluemont, Va.
 - K4DCA 443.5125 Reagan National
 - K4DCA 444.7500 Reagan National
 - K4DCA 1283.200 Reagan National
 - K3FBI 444.5500 Quantico, Va.
 - W4HFH 927.6000 Alexandria, Va.
 - W3CER 444.9500 Wilmington, Del.
 - ND3E 53.5700 New Castle, Del.
 - W3VLG 53.3500 Berkeley Springs, W.Va.
 - K3BAL 447.3750 Baltimore, Md.
 - N3MCQ 447.5250 Baltimore, Md.
 - N3BBF 53.8700 Rockville, Md.
 - K3WAJ 147.2250 Wilmington, Del.
 - K8TMJ 448.9750 Ranson, W.Va.
 - WA3UMY 443.0500 Lexington Park, Md.
 - W4XP 53.3700 Haymarket, Va.
 - W4XP 224.3400 Haymarket, Va.
 - N3MIR 442.6000 Odenton, Md.


August 10, 2009

Activity since April 25, 2009

New Activity:

 - Move Coordination to KT4ER for move of 448.325 to Bluemont, Va.
 - Construction Coordination to N3ST for freq. change of 444.6500 to 444.1000 in Frederick, Md.
 - Rcvd AFC for Remote Base for WA4TXE in Charles Town, W.Va.; Sent NPC
 - Sent Construction Coordination to KB8UUE for 442.5500 in Hedgesville, W.Va.
 - Rcvd AFC for Remote Rcvr link for Vienna Wireless Society in Falls Church, Va. Sent Const. Coord.
 - Rcvd AFC from Kent ARS for move of 449.1750. Sent Move Coordination
 - Sent final coord. to Alex.Graham Bell for 1283.100 D-STAR Voice in Washington, D.C.
 - Rcvd AFC from KA4DCS for new link coordinations and modifications. Const. Coordinations sent.
 - Rcvd extension request from PHARC for 444.4000 construction.

Coordinations Withdrawn or Relinquished:
 - 145.2300 K8SDG Martinsburg, W.Va. System not built

Status Requests sent to:
 - N3BBF   53.8700
 - N3IOC  449.775


April 25, 2009

Activity since March 3, 2009

New Activity:

 - WA4TXE Const. Coord. sent for link move
 - OVHARC Const. Coord. sent for 442.5125 D-STAR at Manassas, Va.
 - AO-27 Final Coord. sent for 145.4500 D-STAR at Haymarket, Va.
 - SPARC Final Coord. sent for duplex link pair
 - BCACS Sent Const. Coord. for 145.1400 D-STAR
 - KI4HAB Sent NPC for 2 meter pair; Sent Const. Coord. for 146.865
 - ARPSC Final coordination sent for 447.625
 - N3CDY Sent final for 51.8800 in Baltimore
 - KB8UUE Rcvd AFC for UHF pair in Hedgesville, W.Va.; NPC sent
 - KT4ER Sent NPC for move of 448.325
 - N3ST Sent NPC for freq. change of 444.650 to 444.100 in Frederick, Md.

Coordinations Pulled or Relinquished:
 - 442.2500 WA3JGI Off Air, SK per SSA death records
 - 446.xxxx WA4TXE Replexer off air per WA4TXE
 - 224.5400 WB2LSP Off air per WB2LSP
 - 449.3250 WB3ILS Off air per WB3ILS
 - 224.4400 WD4KHP Off air, no response from WD4KHP
 - 444.1000 W3YTW Off air; Sponsor group dissolved

Status Requests sent to:
 - 224.4400 WD4KHP Bell Knob, Va.
 - 147.1950 Kent Co. ARC Dover, Del.
 -  53.8700 N3BBF Rockville, Md.
 - 449.7750 N3IOC Wyoming, Del.
 -  51.9600 N3NRI Cascade, Md.
 - 224.5400 WB2LSP Newark, Del.


March 3, 2009

Activity since January 27, 2009

New Activity:
 - Rcvd AFC for 2 meter repeater from K8TMJ Put on waiting list
 - Sent NPC for OVHARC for 440 DSTAR. VHF DSTAR put on waiting list
 - Sent PHARC construction coordination for 444.400 in Moorefield, W.Va.
 - Sent W3VLG construction coordination for 53.3500 in Berkeley Springs, W.Va.
 - Rcvd AFC from Harford Co. RACES for 1.2 Ghz DSTAR Data freq. Sent NPC
 - Changed sponsorship of 147.225 in Laurel, Md. to WB3GXW
 - Sent NPC for Balto. Co. Aux. Comm. for 145.1400 DSTAR
 - Sent NPC for KI4HAB for 2 meter pair.

Coordinations Pulled or Relinquished:
 - 145.1300 W3DHS Towson, Md. Co-channel conflict
 - 443.7000 W3GQP Wilmington, Del. Off air; SK per SSA
 - 224.0000 K3WAJ Wilmington, Del. Off air per K3WAJ
 - 146.8650 W4TLQ Lovettsville, Va. Off air per W4TLQ
 - 444.9000 KD3UI Greenwood, Del. Off air per KD3UI

Status Requests sent to:
 - N3XBO for 440 links
 - MADXRA for 53.9900 status
 - N3RCN for 442.9500 status
 - Kent County ARC for 147.195 status
 - KD3UI for 444.9000 status


January 27, 2009

Activity since December 11, 2008

New Activity:
 - Rcvd AFC from W3AGB for D-STAR freqs for 2 mtr, 440, 1.2 ghz voice and data.
      Sent NPCs; Sent Construction Coordinations for 147.3600, 444.1625, & 1283.100 DSTAR Voice.
 - Construction Coordination sent to K4GVT for freq. change to 443.5000 in Manassas, Va. Final coordination also sent.
 - Rcvd objection to W3VLG 53.71 coordination. Sent NPCs for new freq.
 - Final coordination sent to TJHSST 443.1000 in Alexandria, Va.
 - Final coordination sent to K3SVA for 449.925 in St. Michaels, Md.
 - Sent NPC to NRAO for PHARC UHF pair in Moorefield, W.Va.
 - Sent Construction Coordinations to Harford County RACES for 447.9875 & 1282.3000 in Bel Air, Md.
 - Sent Final Coordinations to KA4DCS for 2.3 ghz link.
 - Sent Const. Coord. to N8YIB for 146.985 at Berkeley Springs, W.Va.
 - Rcvd AFCs from OVHARC for 2 mtr and 440 DSTAR pairs.

Coordinations Pulled or Relinquished:
 - 146.9850 K8DSJ Harpers Ferry, W.Va. Off air per K8DSJ
 - 444.2000 PROS Salisbury, Md. Off air per N3ETP / PROS
 - 224.8800 KA3TWG Dagsboro, Del. Off air per KA3TWG


December 11, 2008

Activity since September 8, 2008

New Activity:
 - Final coordination sent to ARPSC for remote receiver link in Stafford, Va.
 - VHF D-Star request from N8YIB for Cacapon Mtn. NPC sent. Rcvd objections.
 - Previously rcvd AFC from N8YIB for 2 mtr pair at Cacapon Mtn. Sent NPC
 - NPC sent for Christiana Hospital CARES for UHF pair. Sent construction
      coordination for 444.9500 in Newark, Del.
 - NPC sent for K3KMA for UHF pair in Thurmont, Md. Construction coordination sent for 448.025 MHz.
 - Rcvd AFC from KD8DWU Ranson, W.Va. for 900 Mhz pair. Sent NPC.
      Construction Coordination sent for 927.5875.
 - Rcvd AFC from AMOS New Castle, Del. for 6 meter pair. Sent NPC.
      Construction Coordination sent for 53.57
 - Final coordination sent to N3UHD for 442.6500 in Clear Spring, Md.
 - Final coordination sent to N3EAQ for 444.3500 in Charles Town, W. Va.
 - Rcvd AFC from SMARC for UHF remote receiver link. Sent construction coordination.
 - TJHSST requested extension to construction coordination.
 - Rcvd AFC from W3VLG for 6 meter pair. NPC sent. Const. Coord. sent for 53.71
 - Construction Coordination sent to K8SDG for 145.2300 in Martinsburg, W.Va.
 - Move Coordination sent to KK3L for 147.2400 in Frostburg, Md. Op. Status Rcvd.
 - Rcvd AFC from PHARC for 2 meter pair in Moorefield, W.Va. None available.
 - Rcvd AFC from PHARC for 440 pair in Moorefield, W.Va. NPC Sent
 - Rcvd AFC from K3GMS for 2 meter pair in Alexandria, Va. None available.
 - Pulled N3LHD from 2 meter waiting list. Pulled coordination for 444.9125 D-STAR per N3LHD.
 - Move of 146.985 JCWVARC K8DSJ in Harpers Ferry, W.Va.
 - Pulled DSTAR coordination for E-STAR 145.440 due to adj. channel potential
 - Received adjacent channel complaints from Stafford ARA about AO-27 Control
      Op repeater users on 145.260 D-STAR. To resolve problem,
      moved operation from recently de-coordinated 145.4500. NPC sent.
      Received approval pending tests from Mountain ARC. Construction Coordination sent.
 - Received AFCs from Harford County, Md. RACES for 2 meter, 440, & 1.2 Ghz D-STAR voice system.
      No 2 meter pairs available. Sent NPC for 440 and 1.2 ghz systems.
 - Construction Coordination sent to K3SVA for 449.9250 in St. Michaels, Md.
 - Final Coordination sent to AB4YP for 443.2000 in Arlington, Va.

Coordinations Pulled or Relinquished:
 - 443.8500 WA3BXW Marion, Md. Off air per W3BXW
 -  51.9200 KA3SVK Damascus, Md. Off air / No response
 - 442.7000 KA3SVK Damascus, Md. Off air / No response
 - 443.2000 N3FS Baltimore, Md. Off air per N3FS
 - 447.8250 N3LDM Washington, D.C. Off air per N3LDM
 - 444.9500 WB3IKP Claymont, Del. Off air per WB3IKP
 - 444.2000 N3GXH Randallstown, Md. Off air per N3GXH
 - 449.3250 N3FFB Fallston, Md. Off air per N3FFB
 - 145.4500 N3GKZ Rockville, Md. Off air per N3GKZ & KQ3B
 -  53.0500 K3UAV Colora, Md. SK; Off air per XYL
 - 147.1650 K3UAV Colora, Md. SK; Off air per XYL
 - 224.9000 K3UAV Colora, Md. SK; Off air per XYL
 - 443.0000 K3UAV Colora, Md. SK; Off air per XYL
 - 444.9125 N3LHD Upper Marlboro, Md. Will not construct
 - 145.1900 CCARA Chesapeake City, Md. Club dissolved
 - 442.9500 K3SVA Wye Mills, Md. Off air per K3SVA

Status Requests sent to:
 - 448.8750 KC3VO Washington, D.C.
 -  53.8700 N3BBF Rockville, Md.
 - 444.9500 WB3IKP Claymont, Del.
 - 447.8250 N3LDM Washington, D.C.
 - 444.9500 WB3IKP Claymont, Del.
 - 443.0000 N4LXI / N2LEE Herndon, Va.


September 8, 2008

Activity since July 23, 2008

New Activity:
 -  Sponsorship change of 147.225 from N4RAG to K4KLH. Sent request to NRAO
      Green Bank, W.Va. to change the approval to new sponsor.
      Will issue final coordination upon NRAO approval.
 -  Link Coordinations sent to Kent Amateur Radio Society for remote receivers.
 -  Received AFC from Alexandria RC for 900 Mhz repeater. NPC sent.
      Construction Coordination sent.
 -  Received AFC from Alexandria RC to modify 2 meter and 440 repeaters.       Modified coordinations.
 -  Balto. Co. Aux. Comm. Srvc -- NPC sent to AARC and WPRC for 2 meter pair.
      Construction Coordination sent for 145.1300
      Rcvd AFCs for 2 mtr, 440, and 1296 D-STAR repeaters. NPC sent.
 -  Move request from KK3L for 147.240 in Frostburg, Md. NPC sent.
 -  Freq. Change of AO-27 Control Op. 440 repeater to 442.4125 (from 442.4100)
 -  Move request from Opequon RC for 145.150 in Martinsburg, W.Va. Modified
 -  Final coordinations sent to AO-27 Control Op. for 145.2600 and 442.4125
 -  Final coordination sent to ARPSC for remote receiver link in Rockville.
 -  Final coordination sent to KD8AZC for 447.325 in Moorefield, W.Va.
 -  Final coordination sent to Christiana Hospital CARES for 444.400 in
      Wilmington, Delaware.
 -  Previously received AFC from K8SDG for 2 meter pair. NPC sent
 -  Construction Coordination sent to AB4YP for 443.2000 in Arlington, Va.
 -  Final Coordinations sent to ARPSC for remote receiver links in Stafford, Va.
      and Rockville, Md.
 -  Final Coordination sent to K7SOB for 443.2000 in Romney, W.Va.

Coordinations Pulled or Relinquished:
 -  146.865  N3HQJ  Off air / no response
 -  444.400  N8HON  Off air / no response
 -  449.425  K3KMA  Off air / no response


July 24, 2008

Activity since June 8, 2008

New Activity:

New Activity:
 -  Construction and Final Coordinations sent to PBS ARC for 145.400 DSTAR and 447.560 DSTAR.
 -  Construction Coordination sent to PBS ARC for 1.2 Ghz DSTAR Data
 -  Rcvd AFC from N3LHD for 440 D-STAR Repeater in Upper Marlboro, Md. NPC sent. Construction Coordination sent for 444.9125.
 -  Rcvd AFC from K8SDG for 2 mtr pair in Martinsburg, W.Va.
 -  Construction Coordination sent to N3UHD for 442.650 in Clear Spring, Md.
 -  Rcvd AFC from AB4YP for UHF pair in Arlington, Va., NPC sent.
 -  Final Coordination sent to WX3M for move of 443.050
 -  Final Coordination sent to N3HIA for move of 147.345
 -  Final Coordination sent to ARPSC for remote receiver link.
 -  Final Coordination sent to KD3SU for 442.950 in Boonsboro, Md.
 -  Construction Coordination sent to SPARC for link/hub pair.
 -  Sponsorship change of 145.470 from R&R RG to Arlington ARC. Final Coordination sent.
 -  Sponsorship change of 444.200 from Mongtomery College ARC to Montgomery ARC. Final Coordination previously sent.
 - Sponsorship change of 147.225 from N4RAG to K4KLH. Sent request to NRAO Green Bank, W.Va.
      to change the approval to new sponsor. Will issue final coordination upon NRAO approval.

Coordinations Pulled or Relinquished:
 -  442.550 K3RTS / N3UEZ Washington Off air per N3UEZ
 -  449.425 N3XHK Baltimore Off air / No response

Status Requests sent to:
 -  N3HQJ 146.865 Tyaskin, Md.
 -  Fdk ART 449.425 Frederick, Md.
 -  KA3SVK 51.920 Damascus, Md.
 -  KA3SVK 442.700 Damascus, Md.
 -  KA4RCL 444.400 Madison, Va.
 -  N3GXH 444.200 Randallstown, Md.
 -  N3GXH 53.150 Randallstown, Md.
 -  BEARS 443.850 Marion, Md.

 -  Updated ARRL On-line Repeater Directory.
 -  Rcvd letter from Donnie Mowbry N4RAG acknowledging that he wishes to turn sponsorship of 147.225 over to K4KLH.


June 9 2008

Activity since April 12, 2008

New Activity:
Construction Coordinations sent to AO-27 Control Op Assoc for D-STAR
    Repeaters on 145.260 and 442.410
Construction Coordination sent to KD3SU for 442.950 in Boonsboro, Md.
Rcvd AFC from KB6VAA for 2 mtr. pair in Mt. Jackson, Va. No pair available.
Construction Coordinations sent to DVMS K8GP for 53.37 and 224.340.
Rcvd AFC from FBI Academy for UHF Pair in Quantico, Va.; NPC Sent to SERA.
    Construction Coordination sent for 443.550
Rcvd AFC from KA4DCS for 2.3 Ghz link; Construction Coordinations sent
Rcvd AFC from AJ3X for 2 mtr pair in Towson, Md.
Rcvd AFC from N3UHD for UHF pair in Clear Spring, Md., NPC sent.
Rcvd AFC from N3CDY for 900 pair at Whiteford, Md., NPC sent to AARC,
    Construction Coordination sent to N3CDY for 927.5625.
Rcvd AFC from N3HIA for move of 147.345. Move Coordination sent.
Final Coordinations sent to N3KL, ARPSC, Northern Neck ARC, NVFMA, SARA,
Rcvd AFC from N3LHD for 2 meter DSTAR pair in PG County. No pairs available

Coordinations Pulled or Relinquished:
224.640 Fredericksburg K4MQF      Per K4MQF
443.550 Baltimore         WA3WLO   No reponse, Off air
448.025 Ellicott City      N3HTJ      Off air per N3HTJ
145.230 Hagerstown      N3MVL      Off air per N3MVL
448.225 Hagerstown      N3MVL      Off air per N3MVL
442.650 Washington      N8BOR      Off air, No reponse

Status Requests sent to:
N8BOR -- Undeliverable
Opequon Radio Club


April 13, 2008

Activity since March 8, 2008

New Activity:
Construction coordination sent to N3EAQ for 444.350 in Charlestown, W. Va.
Construction coordination sent to N3HIA for 147.345 in Baltimore, Md.
Construction coordination sent to K7SOB for 443.200 in Romney, W.Va.
AFC rcvd from CATS for UHF ATV repeater pair.
AFC rcvd from N3KL for 2 mtr pair.
    Construction Coordination sent 145.130
AFC rcvd from KB3MEC for 2 meter pair. No pair available
AFC rcvd from KA4DCS for 6 mtr pair.
    Construction Coordination sent 53.45
NPC sent for 2 meter pair for N8YIB. No pair available.
NPC sent for 900 Mhz pair for W1ZFB in Fredericksburg, Va.
    Construction Coordination sent for 927.525.
AFC rcvd from N3CDY for 6 mtr pair.
    Construction Coordination sent 51.88
AFC rcvd from N3CDY for 440 meter pair at Towson, Md. No desired pair avail.
AFC rcvd from N3CDY for 440 meter pair at Whiteford, Md.
    NPC sent for 440 at Whiteford, Md.
    Construction Coordination sent to N3CDY for 444.850 in Whiteford, Md.
AFC received from ARPSC for move of 448.625 & 447.625.
    Construction Coordination sent for 447.625.
    Move Coordination sent for 448.625
AFC received from KD3SU for 2 mtr and 440 pair. No 2 mtr pairs available.
    NPC sent for 440 pair.
AFC received for 2 mtr and 440 D-STAR for AO-27 Control Op. Assoc.
    NPCs sent for both.
NPC sent for 2 mtr pair for KI4HAB at Gore, Va.
Construction coordination sent to WX3M for move of 443.050 to Cumberland,Md.
AFC received from K8GP for 6 mtr. & 220 rpts.
    NPCs sent.
Construction Coordination sent to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology for 443.100.

Coordinations Pulled or Relinquished:
449.675 N3ST Joppa. Md. - Re-coordinated in AARC territory.
447.575 N3NRR Thurmont, Md. - Off air
53.450 DVMS K8GP Bull Run Mtn., Va. - Off air
146.715 K7SOB Romney, W.Va. - Per K7SOB
443.500 KM4FI Tysons Corner, Va. - Off air
145.130 BRATS Baltimore, Md. - Off air
443.100 LRRC Dale City, Va. - Off air
444.150 KI4MB Arlington, Va. - Off air

Status Requests:
145.130 Harrisonburg N4YET
145.230 Hagerstown, Md. N3MVL
444.500 Accokeek, Md. W3TOM


March 8, 2008

New Activity:
Construction coordination sent to WX3M (ex AB3EK) for 146.850 in Cumberland, Md.
AFC rcvd from WX3M for move of 443.050 to Cumberland, Md. NPC sent
AFC received from E-Star Group for new D-Star rptrs on 2 mtr, 440, 1.2Ghz voice,
    1.2 Ghz data in Pentagon City; Construction Coordinations sent.
K3SVA - NPC sent to AARC for UHF pair in St. Michaels, Md.
N3EAQ - NPC sent to SERA, WPRC, and AARC for UHF pair
Final coordination to K4USS 145.390 in Mt. Weather, Va.
AFC received from WRSG for 6 meter pair in Sunderland, Md. - Constr, Coord. sent.
AFC received from WRSG for 440 pair in Waldorf, Md. Constr. Coord. sent.
AFC received for 2 meter pair from N3HIA for Baltimore, Md. - NPC sent to AARC
AFC received for 2 meter pair from N8YIB.
Contruction coordinations sent to ARPSC for Aux Rcvr links for their 146.625 pair.
AFC received from W1ZFB for 900 pair.
AFC received from Thomas Jefferson Amateur Radio Club for 440 pair.
AFC received from K7SOB for UHF pair in Romney, W.Va. - NPC sent

Coordinations Pulled or Relinquished:
147.345 Pikesville, Md. MARCOM - Confirmed off air; Organization no longer exists
53.31 Washington N4QFW - Confirmed off air; No response from inquiry
53.33 Waldorf N4QFW - Confirmed off air; No response from inquiry
919.00 Waldorf N4QFW - Confirmed off air; No response from inquiry
447.175 Waldorf N3QYP - Confirmed off air; No response from inquiry
447.975 Quantico N3QEM - Confirmed off air. Not at specified location
449.225 Whiteford, Md. N3CNJ - Per N3CNJ
51.88 Baltimore KE3RT - Confirmed off air; No response from inquiry


February 17, 2008

Coordination Activities since November 2007 meeting:

New Activity:
AFC received from AB3EK for new 2 mtr pair. NPC sent to WPRC, SERA, & AARC.
AFC received from E-Star Group for new D-Star rptrs on 2 mtr, 440, 1.2Ghz voice, 1.2 Ghz data.
AFC received from Arlington Public Service Club for location move 4 miles west of 146.625. Temporary coordination sent. Move completed.
AFC received from King George RACES for new 2 mtr pair. NPC sent to SERA & AARC. Construction coordination sent out for 146.745 /146.145.
KI3HAB attempting self-coordination for a 2 mtr pair.
KA4DCS -- Construction coordination sent for 444.850 in Woodbridge, Va.
Fauquier Amateur Radio Association - Contruction coordination for 442.250.
K3SVA - NPC sent to AARC for UHF pair in St. Michaels, Md.
N3EAQ - NPC sent to SERA, WPRC, and AARC for UHF pair.

Coordinations Pulled:
N3WFY 147.165 in Midland, Md. - System confirmed to be off air for several years.
WA3UTC Links pulled (Baltimore) Off air. 220 rptr pulled at earlier date. Not in area.
N3UR 53.81 (Jarrettsville, Md.) Not on air per N3UR.
W3BUR (ex-K3DWB) - 53.95 & 224.300 (Rising Sun, Md.) Not on air. Not in area.
N5GQD 147.150 (Kings Crossing, Va.) - Not on air per N5GQD.
K7SOB Links pulled (Moorefield, WV) - Not on air per K7SOB.
KB3CGS 51.90 (Thurmont, Md.) - Not on air. Not in area.
K3JAY 53.21 (Gaithersburg, Md.) Not on air.
N4KOU 444.850 (Vienna, Va.) - Not on air. Left area. Now SK.

Status / Technical Info Requests sent to:
W3ETX - 145.11
WX4C - 145.13
KB3AVZ - 224.48, 449.075
K3WAJ - 147.225
N3EZD - 224.32, 449.525


January, 2008:

This is the first in what is planned to be a regular series of emails intended to keep you informed on activities at T-MARC.

The T-MARC board that you elected in November, 2007 has met twice and will meet once more before the general membership meeting on February 17. At the first meeting, the board elected the following officers:

President: Dave Prestel, W8AJR
Vice President, Technical Operations: Bill Conaway, W8HNT
VP Public Affairs: Al Brown, KZ3AB
Secretary/Treasurer: John Elgin, WA3MNN

The following is a brief list of the actions taken by the board to date:

* As part of his duties as our Public Affairs Officer, Al Brown has taken over care and feeding of the T-MARC web site. The databases on the web site have been updated and are being maintained regularly. The link to send mail to the board is operational.

* The membership database has been updated with information received at the November general meeting and is posted on the web site.

* The list of coordinated repeaters is being updated and will be made available on the web site.

* We divided up the list of questionable repeaters, that is the ones for which we have not received any communication from coordination holders, among the members of the board and are in the process of verifying their status. As a result a number of frequency pairs have been de-coordinated. Details of the de-coordinations will be posted shortly. There is a large number of repeaters on this list. We are giving first priority to two meter and UHF repeaters as this is where the greatest demand for new coordinations exists. If you know the owners of any of the machines listed and can assist in having them contact us, that would be appreciated.

* Board Member Bryan Dorbert, N3ST, has agreed to be a full time assistant to Bill, W8HNT, in resolving coordination issues. They have been working diligently on all of our open issues and have been responding promptly to new requests as they come in.

* Board Member Larry D'Anna, WA3KOK, has taken on the responsibility to get our incorporation status renewed. He has been in contact with the government of the District of Columbia and is contacting other jurisdictions to compare the relative costs and benefits. We expect to have a final report on our incorporation at the membership meeting.

* The board is still considering the issue of holding regular coordination meetings. These would be held to benefit those who have requested new co-ordinations or who have raised co-ordination issues to be resolved and would be held in locations convenient to the folks whose issues are being discussed. Our final recommendation will be reported at the general meeting. * We have begun coordination of D-STAR repeaters.

That may look like a short list, but it represents a lot of work by the members of the board. They're volunteering their time, just as you volunteer your time to the repeaters that you operate and use. Your support and patience are truly appreciated.

The next general membership meeting will be held on at 1:00 pm, Sunday, February 17, at the Historical Electronics Museum. This is a date change from the February 10 date originally selected at the November membership meeting. The agenda for this meeting will include the following:

* Report on our incorporation status

* Report on the status of the questionable repeater list

* Creation of band plan recommendation committees for 900 MHz and 1.2 GHz, if necessary. Chairpersons and membership for these committees will be sought from the general membership.

* Creation of a D-STAR coordination plan recommendation committee. A chairperson and membership for this committee will be sought from the general membership.

Note: T-MARC has created a membership mailing list. The contents of this announcement was sent in a message to everyone on that list. If you did not receive the message and believe that you should have received it, or, if you wish us to use a different address for you on the list server, please use the email button to let us know.


Dave Prestel, W8AJR

January 7, 2008:

The next T-MARC meeting will be held at the Historical Electronics Museum,
1745 W. Nursery Road, Linthicum, Maryland at 1:00 p.m.
on Sunday, February 17, 2008.

Monday, January 7, 2008:

The T-MARC "Telephone Contacts" list has been updated.

Updates ::

12 March 2003

The Annual T-MARC membership meeting is scheduled for April 6, 2003 at 1:30 P.M. Click here for details

21 Feb 2002

The January 2002 annual T-MARC meeting resulted in the election of a new President. -->

Bob Brandel, WN2G
13003 Mill Road
Fredericksburg, VA, 22407-2225

Cell: 571-213-2790
Office: 540-785-4914
Fax: 540-785-6495

EMAIL: WN2G@arrl.net


Over the past year  this site has been under going several changes. I have implemented the on-line Frequency Directory in a more favorable view. I have broken the database into smaller chunks. This enables Users to access these areas much faster. The pages are white with black letters, this ensures no printing problems for users. Changes to the database have also been made according to the clubs and individuals email requests. Our database can only be as accurate as the information that we are given.

The on-line directory page also now includes the acronyms from the ARRL Repeater Directory as well as a complete list of the CTCSS tones and the associated Motorola codes.

The final item that was added this year was the on-line club and members list. Some of the pages are still under construction and they will be updated soon. Please check your club or personal information and notify the Web Master as soon as possible with any changes.

If you find an area of interest that T-MARC should include on its web site or you know of a link to additional information that would be helpful to members or new people then please forward the information to me. I want to make these pages very informative and useful for everyone.


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